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Private Services 

Looking for additional support to determine what is impacting your child's participation or learning?

Out of ideas of how to teach your child a specific skill?

Want to grow your skills to help you stay connected to your ever evolving child while teaching them to navigate this world?

Trying to better understand your child's experience or what stresses them and most importantly how to deal with them?

Private occupational therapy services at Root to Rise Pediatrics is committed to helping you and your family grow! 


Here are some skills that can be explored in private occupational therapy sessions:

Strengthening the muscles in the hands to improve coordination (fine motor skills)

Supporting big emotions for small events (emotional regulation)

Helping when kids are seeking, missing or avoiding sensations (sensory processing)

Increasing the variety and quantity of food consumed (feeding support)

Learning toileting, dressing or grooming skills (self-care skills)

Building social and play skills

Modifying the environment and routines for sleep  

Creating environmental modifications for your child to thrive and many many more areas! 

Some of the conditions that are commonly supported:

Global Developmental Delay

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Sensory Processing Difficulties 


Gifted & Twice Exceptional Students

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

Developmental Trauma 

Genetic Disorders

Emotional Regulation Difficulties 

At Root to Rise Pediatrics, our primary focus is on supporting what we see day-to-day in the child's current functioning instead of a diagnosis on paper. Many of the children we work with do not have a formal diagnosis.

How are services provided at Root to Rise Pediatrics?

Following the child's lead and interests 

Finding the just right challenge where the child is successful while still being challenged


Maintaining a strong relationship with the child throughout all programming

Teaching skills through a play!

Coaching & teaching parents, caregivers and teachers

Connecting the goals of the kiddo and family to the foundational skills that are missing that are being developed

Providing interventions from a trauma-informed approach 

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